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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brantley-isms and Other Funny Stuff My Husband Says

-- “Will you go downstairs and get me some popsicles?”

-- (Referring to a 60 year old car hop at Sonic.)
Brantley: She totally wanted me…
Me: (eye roll)
Brantley: …and I might just let her have it.
Me: Good. Hand me my corndog.

-- (Following my appointment at the allergist)
Brantley: Your ailments are really bringing me down.
Me: Really?
Brantley: That’s what I said.
Me: Just so we’re clear, if I didn’t have this mold allergy you’d be sailing your yacht around the world or living it up at the Playboy mansion right now?
Brantley: Something like that.
Me: Well that’s a shame. I really suck.
Brantley: I know.

And my personal favorite,
-- “There’s some turds under the dining room table.”

And this is just one day’s worth!