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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What the Cat Dragged In

Staying true to my new year’s resolution of trying new things, I ventured out over the weekend to a drag show. This was a first for me and I didn’t really know what to expect. Upon walking in the door, I immediately noticed lots of good looking guys, some of which were shirtless. I thought it a bit cold outside to be sporting this look, but then what did I know. Different types of people were all hanging out together. I sat at a table with my friends and took it all in.

At the bar were some very pretty girls wearing outfits much cooler than mine. I wondered if they too were straight girls who had come out with their gay friends to see a show. The next group I encountered was the lesbians, and I’m not talking about your average, “I wonder if she’s a lesbian,” lesbian. These ladies were hardcore and representing in full force. Mohawks, wife beater tees and all. This group scared me as it always has. Throughout the years I’ve had many gay male friends, but never the other way around. I’ve always thought of lesbians as being very intense and ready to fight me at a moment’s notice. I left them alone.

We ordered a drink and the show began. Imagine my surprise when, onto the stage walked one of the pretty girls from the bar. She was still pretty, but this time clad in sequins and lip syncing to a Lady Gaga song. My mouth undoubtedly hit the floor, because my friend immediately leaned over and said, “Look at her feet. It’s a dead giveaway.” Lo and behold he was right, but “Deception” did have a body to die for…minus the hammer toes, lipo scars and penis.
Next up was the vocal stylings and suggestive shtick of comedian Carmella Marcella Garcia, a full figured gal who’s been in the business for over thirty years. She was very funny, very entertaining and had a very hairy back. All in all, it was a fun night. I helped celebrate the birthday of a dear friend and laughed harder than I have in a long time. I give it four out of four sparkly, sequined stars. Here's to trying new things.