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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Loripalooza Personality Quiz

Since the presiding theme of my website is self actualization (right), let’s delve deep and take a closer look at ourselves. Shall we?

Of the following shows, which is your favorite?

the Office 1point
Jersey Shore (even though you can’t watch without the urge to wash your hands) 2 points
Dateline NBC 3 points

I will drive out of my way for ______.

Hot doughnuts 1 point
Mexican food 2 points
Sushi 3 points

What is your favorite quality about me?

My appreciation for practicing good personal hygiene 1 point
My ability to write a good thank you note 2 points
My passion for mentally retarded horses 3 points

If American Idol came out with their own beer, which would you prefer?

the Ruben Studdard- Dark and full bodied 1 point
the Clay Aiken- sweet and fruity 2 points
the Jordin Sparks, light and fresh 3 points

The hair necessity I could not live without is a ______.

Flowbee 1 point
Bump It 2 points
Afro Pick 3 points

It’s cold outside. You open the coat closet and reach for a ______.

Cardigan 1 point
North Face jacket 2 points
sweater vest 3 points


If you scored between 6 and 9 points:
Type 1- You are narcissistic and attention starved, resulting in at least one incident of indecent exposure to an animal. You’ve also been known to waste precious minutes on nonsensical personality tests.

If you scored between 10 and 14 points:
Type 2- You are an introvert with a phobia of public transportation since witnessing a type 1 person expose themselves to a duck on the city bus. You’ve had scabies more than once and you own at least one vampire erotica novel.

If you scored between 15 and 18 points:
Type 3- You are nocturnal and short tempered with an irrational fear of Sasquatch. Your hoarding tendencies have resulted in you frequently losing your car keys, as well as your eight cats.

(Please refrain from emailing me to tell me that this quiz is inaccurate, lest I be forced to point out your tendency toward denial.)