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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"How Stupid do I Look?"

It's only Tuesday and it's already been a long week. I started the process of trading my car last week and I had forgotten what a complete nightmare it can be. I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper and a darn good haggler, but I'm drawing near the end of my rope. Considering how many days I've been at this, it's a surprise that I've only had to say twice, "How stupid do I look?" Yesterday, at the dealership, Brantley pounded his fist on the desk and dropped an F-bomb. This may seem dramatic, but he does that when buying anything, which explains why he's no longer allowed in Amen Corner.

We will hopefully be done with this dark spot by tomorrow, so I can go back to being a "nice person." It takes a lot of energy to take on an evil persona. And, just so you know, my doppelganger has a goatee and sunglasses...it itches.

In closing, I will only say that I don't support stereotypes, however, used car salesmen are SONS OF BITCHES. Had Anne Frank met one before her untimely demise, she wouldn't have kept her sunny, "everybody is good deep down," attitude.

Thank you. That is all.