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Friday, September 24, 2010

All Aboard the Potty Train!

The potty wars have begun at the Wescott household. Some days we are victorious, and others, not so much. It is proving to be a very good lesson for me in patience because we are sometimes in the bathroom for an eternity while we wait for a result.
Yesterday, Luke grew bored of standing in front of the commode and decided he should stick his whole head in there and enjoy the sound of his voice echoing in the porcelain.
This didn't please me. "Luke, get your head out of the commode right now!"
He pulled his head out and looked especially proud of himself. "Oh Mommy, it smells wike chocowate!"
I gagged and called an end to our potty session prematurely. Instead, I explained that we should never stick our head in the potty, and under NO circumstances do we ever eat chocolate out of it either.