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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey Tramp, Get A Life!

Lori Wescott, life coach is back and ready to address the subject of infidelity.  Spoiler alert! I don't hold back.

I’m speaking directly to all you tramps out there.  To be clear, a tramp is a cheater, male or female.  Many of you tramps get into a cycle of dating/seeking someone who is already married or attached.  Make no mistake. This behavior is pathetic, and if you wish to lead a life you can be proud of then you have to stop immediately.

It is imperative that you search yourself and find out what causes you to be attracted to someone who is unavailable.  Perhaps you crave excitement and adrenaline.  If this is the case, then develop a meth habit so you can go from ruining lots of lives, to just your own.  Other times tramps go after S.O.S (someone else’s spouse) because they feel there is less competition.  Rather than competing with a sea of other eligible candidates, you only have one person to compete with.  However, what this really means is that you have very low self-esteem.  Try to keep in mind that no matter how many relationships you wreck, you will still have a poor self-image.  I can’t stress this enough.  Do what you need to do to handle your “Waaah, waaah. Woe is me,” self esteem issues and stop messing around with S.O.S. 

“But Lori, it takes two people to cheat.”

Cut the crap.  It may take two people to cheat, but it only takes one person to start it.  Remember, no one likes a tramp.  Not even your mom.  And, just because something makes you happy, doesn’t mean it’s ok. 

Until next time, try to Get A Life.