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Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter was a wonderful day packed full of fun and family. It was also packed full of a few Luke-isms.

The first one occurred during church when we were praying. Luke saw me with my eyes closed and made a reasonable assumption when he shouted, "Mom, wake up!"

The rest of the day was filled with egg relays and egg hunting, and after a while, Luke grew weary. That's when bad Luke showed up. He's the one with the sassy tongue, you know. We quickly said our goodbyes and packed up the car to leave. We were about to pull away in the car when I turned around to say something to him. That's when I discovered that he had taken off his shoes and was licking between his toes. Gross. Seriously, gross.
I said, "Luke, your feet are dirty. Don't put them in your mouth!"
However, he wasn't having anything I was selling, and he quickly piped back, "Mom, I'm licking some toes wight now!"
That's when I remembered my Mom's voice telling me to pick my battles.  "That's fine," I said. "But you'll regret this one day when you read about it it in your baby book."