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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Consider My Soul Rocked...And Rolled

Saturday's Rock and Roll Your Soul event was tons of fun. The talent was endless, and I only got my emcee hand spanked a couple of times for confusing the raffle with the drawing. They were NOT the same thing. The drawing was what you entered every time you bought a draft beer. The same gentleman won the drawing several times (which had less to do with luck, and more to do with the ridiculous amount of beer he consumed). Raffle tickets were two dollars apiece and went straight to the Musician's Care Network. Twenty-four hours later the distinction is much more obvious, but you know what they say about hindsight.
The Red House Band

Live music + a petting zoo =  Heaven for one Luke Wescott
...And he won movie tickets in the raffle (NOT the drawing...it's different!!)

Hula hooping is trendy again, and my friend Anna is not only a master at hooping, she also made all of the hoops you see there. Very talented gal.

This is the musical phenomenon known as Sam and Luke.
Who WERE the Jonas brothers, anyway?
These two fellas are amazing singer/song-writer/guitarists...
It was really obvious how much they liked me. I was like, "I guess I'll hold your  guitar." 
It turned out to be a wonderful day, and I was so honored to meet and introduce great artists hour after hour. I was also honored to say, "The beer and hotdog carts are up and running. You can get draft beer for three dollars and a hotdog, chips, and a canned drink for five dollars."

PS: You should run (not walk) to iTunes and purchase Sam and Luke's song, It's Not Like You're Breaking My Heart. I'm pretty sure it's about me.