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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trouble In Suburbia: A Halloween Nightmare!

This year our HOA and neighborhood residents have been burdened with the possibility of rain and thunderstorms on Halloween night. 

Yesterday morning the neighborhood Facebook page was already in a full-on tale spin. 

After one neighbor posted that she had consulted with the mayor about whether or not to postpone Trick-or-Treating until Friday another neighbor responded, "I don't thing the government has any business deciding when we do, or do not Trick-or-Treat." 

Rest assured this provided endless entertainment for me because it went on ALL DAY.

Last night, I was delirious enough to throw yet another opinion into the melee. 

What's a real Facebook fight until someone brings up the Ten Commandments, anyway?

Tonight's forecast is calling for 100% chance or rain and a 75% chance of my house being egged.