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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mullet Watch 2009

What do Kate Gosselin, Kanye West and He-Man all have in common? An achy breaky, big mistakey. In one form or another, they are all guilty of committing the ultimate hair felony.

Kate Gosselin’s reverse mullet may not resemble the traditional “Kentucky Waterfall” we have grown to love, but it’s a mullet none the less. She does, however, get style points for creativity.

I give her three out of four douchey ex-husbands.

Kanye West stepped out at the 2009 Grammy awards with a look that said, “business in the front, party in the back.” Hey Kanye, AC Slater called and he wants his hair back.

I’m awarding him four out of four angry outbursts.

Last, but not least, is He-Man. The much forgotten superhero is proof that a six-pack is the perfect accessory to any mullet. He really did have the power.

Congrats, He-Man. I’m awarding you BOTH halves of the Power Sword, and therefore the key to Castle Grayskull. Take that, Skeletor.