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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Worst Case Scenarios

We’ve all fallen victim to unavoidable and awkward situations, whether it be your dreaded yearly review at work, or the second time you had to tell your mom that you had the clap. There are times when we would give anything to be somewhere else. If this sounds like you, then put down the bottle and listen up.

By inserting the worst case scenario method of coping (WCS) to any awkward situation, you can instantly go from mortified to made. The concept is simple: hope for the best but expect the worst out of every situation. You will never be disappointed if you consistently under-expect.

Example: “My blind date, Ricky, did floss his one tooth on the way to Sizzler, but at least I didn’t fall victim to a prison gang bang like I expected. This night turned out better than I thought it would. Thanks, Lori!”

Give it a try next time you go to the gynecologist or have to turn your head and cough. You may leave with a disappointing diagnosis, but chances are your leg won’t be gnawed off by a bear in the process.