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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Storm of the Century

We were warned about it for days. It was to be the first winter storm of 2010 for Nashville. Every grocery store in middle Tennessee was ravaged and raped of milk, bread and toilet paper, but in the end we only received two or three inches. It was, however, enough to close schools for a couple of days and gave everyone a little something to play in.

Being eighteen months old, it was the first snow that my son, Luke, was able to really enjoy. That alone made it special. When he awoke from his nap on Thursday the ground was finally covered and we suited up to head outside. Unfortunately, most of our winter gear was in my car, which Brantley had taken to work…so we improvised.

I ultimately decided that A) if you wear enough layers you don’t really need a big coat and B) tube socks pulled up your arms is a fine substitute for mittens. Luke didn’t seem to mind. Just compare his state of happiness in the photo of him wearing socks on his hands versus real mittens. No contest.