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Friday, May 14, 2010

Blackbirds Take Two: Financial Rape

On Wednesday I hid out in Luke's playhouse for an hour while I shot at the blackbirds. I came close, but never actually hit them. That afternoon everything got surprisingly quiet. The constant bird traffic ceased and the chirping stopped.
I received a call that evening from Ash Busters saying that they would be late. After inquiring, I was told that they had NOT brought the cages to cover the vents (as I had asked them to when I scheduled our appointment). The guy still came out "to take a look," but I think that was just to appease me.

He came back Thursday afternoon and swept the vent (read: hooked a leaf blower to it and turned it on), finding debris, but no birds. They placed a six dollar cage over the vent, and handed me a bill for $239. I bent over, and wrote them a check. Next time this happens, I think I will invest in my own BB gun and use our own LEAF BLOWER to "sweep" the vent.