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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Last summer we paid around four hundred dollars to have a nest of blackbirds removed from our bathroom exhaust vents. Our goal was to be humane in our eradication efforts, but alas, the baby birds perished. The company that we paid to sweep our vents placed cages over the vents on the outside of the house to prevent their return.

Well, guess who is back? Mama bird, Daddy bird and a nest full of babies. I can’t sit on the toilet without fear of being pooped ON from the exhaust fan above my head. So far, we ARE able to turn on the fans without making a bird smoothie. This wasn’t the case last summer.

We are having the same company come back out tomorrow and do what they call a “sweep” of the vent, but it could be better described as a late term baby-bird abortion. I was interested in taking the humane way out last time, but that was one year and four hundred dollars ago. The gloves are coming off and it doesn’t look good for Mama and Daddy blackbird. I borrowed a BB gun from our neighbor and instructed Brantley not to come back inside until he had a carcass.

I will keep you posted.