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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Moment in Palooza Pop Culture

Dear news media outlets, the status of Lindsey Lohan’s freedom is NOT news. I do not care how long she is serving, what the view from her window looks like, or whether her cavities were searched upon entering jail. But since you brought it up, what did that search turn up? If they didn’t find an eight ball, then they weren’t looking hard enough.

Everyone is gaga over Lady Gaga, and I too have to hand it to her. As strange as she is with elaborate costumes and controversial lyrics, I’m more than a little envious of her amazingly fit physique. I’m guessing she does Pilates though, because it can’t be easy to do crunches with your penis tucked between your legs.

Lastly, this photo of Jersey Shore's, "Snooki", and her father almost speaks for itself. I’m sure we all have a picture taken with our dads in front of a malt liquor display. Totally not judging about his hand placement, either.