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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Not Saying Who I'm Voting for but....

Are you tired of the mud slinging TV commercials where candidates focus on the shortcomings of their opponents, rather than the real issues at hand? Well, allow me to introduce Mr. Basil Marceaux. He's a (less than) average Joe who is running for governor of Tennessee and he has real issues. I mean real issues.

Mr. Marceaux's platform consists of passing legislation to "See why dental is not in most plans a tooth aches hurt more than a back aches and no teeths depresses people." Candidate Marceaux also expresses a passion for changing the state flag and abolishing traffic stops. In addition to legislation, Mr. Marceaux would also like to pass the eighth grade.

Like any political candidate, Basil Marceaux is not without critics. However, I'm sure he would like to remind everyone that he was found not guilty (by reason of insanity) on several of his past charges.

After watching the clip I'm not sure what is sadder, Mr. Marceaux's credentials, or the fact that part of his platform speech was over my head.

I will close with a quote from gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Basil Marceaux. God help us.

"I want you all to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the republicdom in the morning when you come out and we all pray to God and say, Amen. And everyone have a nice day. And I'll see you at the polls. Thank you. Have a nice day."