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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Moment in Pop Culture

  • Celine Dion and her dad recently gave birth to twins. Gross. It’s amazing how someone so malnourished is able to procreate. I hope those babies are receiving formula because the only thing coming out of those expired fun bags is one hundred year old dust. Go eat some cornbread and get out of my face.

  • The Talk debuted this week on CBS as the cast members tried desperately to come across as something different from ABC’s the View, while being relevant at the same time. They failed.
  • There’s never an excuse to watch Nancy Grace, but believe me when I say that there was NOTHING on TV last night. I was reminded, yet again, that Nancy Grace has the dumbest callers of all time. Why someone with a helmet resembling Lord Vader and the face of a chupacabra has their own cable TV show is beyond me. Maybe it’s the way she gives long pauses between words, giving listeners the impression that she is saying something important. This. Is. Cancer. On. The. Breast. Of. Television.

  • Breaking news: Taylor Swift has written a song about a former celebrity love interest. Wow. No one could’ve seen that coming. Hey Taylor, you’re twenty years old. Stop expecting to marry every single person you date.


  1. Celine Dion and her dad recently gave birth to twins. Gross....???...
    You report incest and then concentrate on her physical frailties? OOPS!
    As for Taylor, maybe he really is a hopeless romantic...or something like that.
    Anyhoo, nice juicy commentary!