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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Politely Rude: A Luke-ism

During yesterday's lunch date with Luke (2.5yo) I experienced embarrassment to the umpteenth degree.  We were at Zaxby's in Franklin where they had one of the sweetest little old lady employees.  She was over the moon for Luke and would give him hugs and kisses every time she passed our table.  However, there came a point when he could take no more of this affection.  "Pwease stop touching me, sir," he said as he brushed off one of her hugs.  I choked on my sweet tea and was quite certain it would come out my nose.  Based on the smile on her face and the hearing aids in her ears, I don't think she knew what he had said.  With that, we wrapped up lunch and headed home.  I was determined to avoid and further mouthy mishaps.  "From the mouths of babes," as they say, "sometimes excrement spews forth."  I may have made the last part up, but you know it's true.