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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leigh, Don't Order the Pu Pu Platter!

My baby sis and her boyfriend departed two days ago for China.  I, myself, have never traveled outside of the states, but I had some advice for her nonetheless.

  • Don't be surprised if someone hits a gong every time you try to speak. It's just their custom.
  • Don't pack baby powder in a zip lock baggy to save room in your suitcase. (Yeah, she's done it before.)
  • Don't drink water straight from a river like our genius, eldest sister did in Honduras.  You don't want to be harboring a parasite upon your return home. 
  • Don't do anything that could render you spending time in a Chinese prison.  Lifetime movies portray it as being really rough. 
That was all of the knowledge I imparted to her, but I did request she bring me back a souvenir that captured the essence of China, e.g. a headband like Ralph Macchio wore in Karate Kid, a fortune cookie, or a T-shirt that says, "Me love you long time."