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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Moment in Pop Culture

Back again! Ready and willing to pop your culture. Let’s get started, shall we?

Michael Lohan was arrested recently for assaulting his girlfriend.  This has left people everywhere asking, “is he a good role model?”

Leah and baby-daddy Corey from the MTV reality show Teen Mom, are now married, and despite herself, she wore a white dress at the wedding.  Corey donned a tuxedo with a camouflage vest and wedding band.  His grand kids will be excited to inherit that one day.  It looked to be a classy event where everrbody did their har up faincy-like.

Angelina Jolie reportedly made another comment about how monogamy isn’t necessary in a relationship.  Always a big surprise coming from such a man-stealing whore.

And finally, Chris Brown had a violent meltdown after an appearance on Good Morning America last week.  In his defense, he was upset over the interview questions selected by Robin Roberts, and he broke a window in his dressing room because there was no one in there he could hit.