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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't Wake the Kraken

This is NOT a newsflash, but parenting isn't always full of heart warming, pride-swelling moments, and as Luke approaches three, those moments are becoming less frequent. They aren't gone all together, but rather, sprinkled amidst a sea of embarrassing, and often frustrating moments.
One of these moments occurred yesterday while shopping for groceries in Publix (where shopping used to be a pleasure). Luke was in bad need of a nap (as was I, but you didn't see me losing my shit over it) and cried loudly the entire time we were there. I blocked out the sound and focused on the task at hand- light brown versus dark brown sugar. What's the friggin' difference? A few seconds later I realized that someone was standing nearby and having to listen to my kid wailing because his cookie did not have sprinkles.
"Sorry," I said to her.
"Oh don't you apologize to me," she said. "I have two boys that age. That's nothing but white noise, honey. Just block it out. Do NOT let him get to you!"
I felt reinvigorated by the words of this stranger genius. I then picked up, both light and dark brown sugar and walked away. Luke may have still been crying, but all I could hear was Bon Jovi singing, "You live for the fight when that's all that you've got."
So during last night's dinner party when he locked us all out of the house, I almost enjoyed the walk around the house to the garage door. I sang "Living on a Prayer" aloud as I entered the garage door code, and foiled his plans of domination.