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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Fun-Day

It's Sunday Fun-Day here at Wescott manor. By the way, I'm considering shortening the name of our home to simply, "The Manor." Soon after I will probably shorten it to just, "The." Be on the lookout for all of that to happen. At any rate, we've done quite a bit of lounging as required per the Sunday Fun-Day rule book. Allow me to familiarize you with the rules.

  1. No plans can be made in advance that could interfere with Sunday Fun-Day.
  2. Everyone must stay at home, and in their pajamas. Lounge wear is an acceptable alternate attire (AAA- for short) providing that said lounge wear was slept in the previous night. 
  3. Watch plenty of TV.
  4. Read
  5. Nap
  6. Relax. Stress is not allowed.
  7. Do your darndest to NOT leave the house. If you MUST leave the house, then you can only do so in your pajamas/lounge wear. Everyone knows appearing in public wearing decent day-time clothing can lead to making plans. See rule 1. 
  8. Keep to a minimum ANY activity that requires you to wear a bra.
Frequently, or Never Been Asked Questions
  • Q: Is cooking or doing crafts allowed on Sunday Fun-Day?
  • A: What sometimes is considered to be work during the week, has a different meaning on SFD. As long as the activity brings the individual enjoyment, then it is allowed. However, if a person feels compelled to do something, it then becomes a "task," and is therefore prohibited. 
Today has definitely been a successful SFD, although if I'm being honest I have to admit that Luke did jangle my nerves quite a bit while using his Tag reader earlier. He kept selecting the same word over and over. I shouldn't have to tell you that the word was, "do." After hearing it about fifty times in a row I looked over to see him vehemently stabbing at the book with the Tag pen. I almost scolded him, but instead counted to ten and made some chamomile tea. That's how we do Sunday Fun-Day at The.