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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An Open Letter to the Makers of TrailerTail®

Dear ATDynamics,

While I understand and appreciate your innovation in making tractor-trailers more fuel efficient, I must first bring a couple of things to your attention. 

While driving down I-65 last week I noticed a contraption protruding from the rear of a tractor-trailer. It was easy to tell that it was a device put in place to enhance the vehicle's aerodynamics. I found that to be pretty interesting. That is, until I read the name of the device. 

Upon seeing the words "Trailer Tail" I laughed so hard that hot coffee came spewing out of my nostrils covering the steering wheel. Let's just make a long story short and say it was an unsafe situation. While I am not a litigious person, I can tell from watching TV commercials that some people will do almost anything to get injured by a tractor-trailer. Your legal team should be made aware of this risk. 

My second problem is obviously with the name. Who took part in that focus group? With the name TrailerTail® I can only imagine a room full of truck drivers filling out a two-part questionnaire:
  1. Are you a truck driver who likes to take things fast? (Answer- "Hell yes!")
  2. What is the most recent Appalachian-themed pornographic movie you've seen? (Answer- "Well, technically Trailer Tail Begins was the prequel to Trailer Tail, so I guess.. all of the above??")

Still in disbelief, when I arrived home I very delicately Googled the words "Trailer Tail." I was filled with relief when I was whisked directly to ATDynamics website rather than some seedy chat room where everyone's profile picture is from before the meth lab explosion. However, when I clicked to see your additional products I found that you also market something called "Trailer Skirts." 

Now you're just messing with me. 

In closing I would just like to remind you that you're leaving behind a legacy for your grandchildren. No child should ever have to say, "My Grandpappy was behind TrailerTail®." Now go and get your heads out of your tails.

Best of luck,

Lori Wescott