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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guest Bolgger: Audry

I was in a post dental procedure haze when I logged onto facebook and read an update from my friend, Audry. I laughed so hard I thought I popped a stitch. Enjoy the story below detailing how feeding a panhandler went awry…

"I drove past a homeless man begging for money this morning, so I decided to give him half of my lunch. However, before I could hand it to him, the light turned green. I couldn’t sit there holding up traffic so I threw it out the window, hitting the homeless man with string cheese and a Clif bar®. Ooops. I hope that he realized my good intentions and was not offended by the impact. Clif bars are quite hard, after all."

Audry, thanks for making the world a better place, one culinary assault at a time.