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Monday, October 11, 2010

Luke-isms (and a lesson in personal intolerance)

Luke and I were in the check out line at Kohl's earlier this week. He was almost tapped out on good behavior, and like a good mom, I had wrapped up my shopping just in time. He sat in the cart playing with his trains, Thomas and Percy. Suddenly and without warning, he threw them on the floor and shouted.

The lady in front of us turned around with an astonished look. "What did he just say?" she asked.

"Oh, he just said, "No, Percy and Thomas!" I explained. I was concerned that she may have misinterpreted the way he pronounces "Percy" for another word beginning with the letter P.

The lady laughed. "I could've sworn he just said, "No personal intolerance."

"Umm, probably not," I replied. Luke piped up again. "What did he say then?" the stranger inquired. I could tell that this was becoming a fun game to her.

He said, "Excuse me. I just did booty hiccups."

Her only response was, "Oh." Our conversation pretty much ended after that. She went her way, and we went ours, but I would like to think that we had left a lasting impression on her. Hopefully, she is somewhere living her life in a way that is tolerant of other people's booty hiccups.