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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alter Ego- Lori Wescott, Life Coach

The other day I said to myself, “I could use some extra money, but I don’t want to bother going back to school.”  I knew my only two options were being a freelance plumber, or a life coach.  I quickly marked plumbing off the list because I’ve been told that I’m not a “good worker,” whatever that means.  So life coaching it is!

I have been totally committed to helping others better themselves through my instruction and advice for four full days now.  However, I’ve been touching people’s lives for years.  Just read this testimonial from one of my clients.

“Lori has been coaching my life since we met about ten years ago.  I can always count on her to jump in and correct me before I make a decision.  She’s not very subtle.  I got a life with Lori Wescott and so can you.”      -Brantley, from Tennessee

Everyone could use a little improvement in their lives.  Follow Brantley’s lead and start living a happier, more attractive existence today.  I can help you with relationship advice, occupational dilemmas, ridiculous self-loathing, general whinery, crap-ass attitudes, PMS, and more.

Stay tuned to Loripalooza for further advice from Lori Wescott, Life Coach on subjects such as, “If You Think Everyone Hates You, They Probably Do,” and “Exercise Is For the Morbidly Obese.”